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Avoid Contaminated Ice

Lets get down to the dirty stuff in restaurants.  There’s a reason why health inspectors check for microbial contamination in your ice bin on each visit.  There are so many things that can grow do to unclean or unsafe procedures in your ice machines.  Unclean Ice Machines are a risk of bacteria, mold, and blood, which are extremely dangerous to your customers health. 12-year-old Jasmine Roberts didn’t expect her award-winning science project to go viral […]



When restaurateurs are looking for ways to save money, all too often, those savings can be found in areas that are being neglected in-house.  A major way your restaurant could be saving money is regular maintenance.  Many equipment repair companies prefer to come into a kitchen that has been maintained throughout the year, because it’s easier to do big fixes – which means savings for you! When equipment is maintained throughout the year, it lasts […]

Restaurant Success Tips

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Restaurant

Restaurants have become a huge part of life in 2018.  Whether you are an everyday taste-tester of the local restaurants, or only go out to the best places once in a while, restaurants are something everyone can understand and love.  With the increasing use of restaurants, there is an increase in people following their dreams to start their OWN restaurants. To help everyone out, here are a few tips to keep your restaurant afloat and […]