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Fugh Refrigeration Has Walk in Coolers For Sale

We partner with US Cooler® to provide you with the highest quality and dependable walk in coolers or freezers available! Through this partnership, our supply chain has added strength, and our customers can benefit from the best in walk in refrigeration for their businesses. 

Walk-In Cooler Installation

Once you purchase a walk in cooler from Fugh Refrigeration, our fully certified technicians can provide full walk-in cooler installation and setup on remote and self-contained coolers and freezers. We have years of experience with refrigeration that we leverage to make sure your walk in cooler installation goes smoothly and according to plan. There are many steps and things that go outside the "manual" that we are prepared to handle as a part of our service. Service may differ depending on whether you select a standard sized walk in cooler or freezer, or a custom size. This all depends on your refrigeration needs.

Standard Walk In Cooler Sizes

We can provide a quote for standard size coolers and freezers, and have our trained experts install them. Standard cooler & freezer sizes work well depending on the size and shape of your space and how much product you need to keep cool. If you have a room that is the same size or larger than the standard sizes below, a standard size cooler could work for you!

The standard walk in cooler sizes are the same as the standard walk in freezer sizes:

6x6 - Actual Size ( 5′ 10 1/2″ x 5′ 10 1/2″ x 7′ 6″ )

6x8 - Actual Size ( 5′ 10 1/2″ x 7′ 10″ x 7′ 6″ )

8x8 - Actual Size ( 7′ 10″ x 7′ 10″ x 7′ 6″ )

8x10 - Actual Size ( 7′ 10″ x 9′ 9 1/2″ x 7′ 6″ )

If you have need of a larger walk in refrigeration unit, we also offer custom sized walk-in units with all the same engineering and expert installation as a prefabricated walk in cooler or freezer. The only difference is that it is built to your exact specification.  

Custom Sized Walk In Coolers and Freezers

Fugh can build custom walk in coolers! When you reach out to us, let us know how big you need your custom walk in cooler or freezer to be! If you are still trying to decide what size cooler or freezer you need, be sure to check out this article all about choosing the right size walk in cooler.

Walk-In Cooler Repair And Maintenance

 In addition to offering the purchase of new units, Fugh Refrigeration offers customers expert walk-in cooler repair as well as repair for walk in freezers. Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair your unit, and get you back in business. If you think there is a chance your unit is having problems, give us a call.

Some issues are easily managed with regular maintenance, but things like ice buildup can be warnings of issues around the corner.  Let us know before it is too late. Read this article about common problems with walk-in coolers & freezers, and see if there is a potential problem with your refrigeration systems.

Buy Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

 If you are curious about walk in cooler cost, and purchasing one for your food service business, give Fugh Refrigeration a call or send us a message on our website! We can have premade walk in coolers shipped to you, or we can build a custom walk in cooler to fit your space. Let us know!

Walk in Cooler and Freezer FAQ’s

What Size Walk In Cooler Do I need?

To determine the size walk-in cooler that you need for your business, you will need to figure out how much food you need to store, the size of the containers you will be using, and how many meals you serve a day. Read more for the formula on walk in cooler size!

How Do You Clean A Walk In Cooler?

From coils to drain lines and gaskets, your cooler will need to be cleaned at least annually. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the condensing coil and a wet cloth to clean gaskets. Learn more about how you can clean your walk-in cooler and what you need to hire a professional for.

How Do You Eliminate Odor In Your Walk In Cooler?

If there is already an odor in your walk-in cooler or freezer, the best thing to do is a complete cleanout. However, you can put a bowl of charcoal briquettes to absorb the odor. There are also other ways you can control odor in your walk in.

What Is The Life Expectancy of A Walk In Cooler or Freezer?

Walk-in Coolers can last, on average, about 20 years, but if they are maintained well, they can last a lifetime.

Do Walk In Coolers Need A Floor?

Yes. Insulation in walk-in coolers or freezers is important to keep food temperature constant and at lower energy costs. A layered floor is added so that no heat comes up from the ground.