Walk-In Coolers: What Size Do I Need?

If you are in the market for a new walk-in cooler, you may be wondering how to determine the size you will need to accommodate your operations. At Fugh Refrigeration, we’ve put together some tips to help you get an idea of what you need.

Determining the Size Walk-in Cooler You Need

A walk-in cooler is a cooler that is large enough to walk into. They can be as small as a closet or as large as a decent-sized room, providing you with refrigerated storage for large quantities of food. It is recommended that if your operation serves more than 250 meals a day or your refrigeration needs exceed 80-cubic feet, a walk-in cooler is a solution you will need. To determine the size walk-in cooler you will need; you will have to determine:Walk-In cooler

  • The amount of food you need to store.
  • The size of the containers you will be using.
  • The maximum amount of goods you plan to have on hand.

The easiest formula for determining the amount of square footage you will need is to calculate 1 to 1.5 cubic feet of storage for every meal served each day. You can also divide the total number of linear feet of shelving you need by the number of shelves that can fit in each section. This calculation provides you with the number of linear feet per section.

Take this number and add 40 to 50 percent to cover your overflow, including wasted space, volume increases, as well as loose products and bulky items. This gives you an estimate of the total linear footage that you need. Since the shelves are three-dimensional, you must now calculate the square footage.

Take the total linear footage and multiply it by the depth of each shelf. This will give you the total square footage. Take the square footage and double it to compensate for the aisle space. This will give you the size of refrigerated space your operation requires.

Selecting the Right Walk-in Cooler for Your Needs

Now that you’ve calculated the amount of storage you need, it’s time to choose the right walk-in cooler. At Fugh Refrigeration, we partner with US Cooler to provide you with the most dependable and high-quality walk-in coolers and freezers on the market! Our refrigeration experts are happy to help you get a quote on standard-size walk-in coolers and on custom configurations. There are a number of options. Fugh offers businesses like yours, new and used refrigeration.

Getting Your Walk-in Cooler Installed

Once you’ve chosen your walk-in cooler, our experienced team can perform your walk-in cooler installation to ensure a job well done! Contact us today to learn more!

Once your walk in cooler has been installed, starting it up for the first time will consist of some simple operations.  Learn these and more with Fugh!

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