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How Does a Commercial Ice Maker Work?

Since their creation in 1845, ice machines have become more advanced pieces of machinery. Many newer icemaker models now feature digital technology to help you keep your machine in great working condition. While these advancements in ice makers are convenient, they have not changed how ice makers work. While there are new functions when it comes to icemakers, the ice-making process has remained mostly the same since it was first designed. At Fugh Refrigeration, we […]

restaurant equipment in a commercial kitchen
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What Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Do I Need?

If you plan to open a restaurant, you will need several pieces of equipment to accomplish your goals as a food service business owner. You will need to ensure you have the right equipment for your staff to be able to clean, prep, cook, and perform other general job duties daily. The exact list of what you need will depend on your specific operations, but at Fugh Refrigeration, we’ve put together a general list of […]

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How To Clean Neglected Restaurant Areas

Restaurant cleaning is not anyone’s favorite task, but it is necessary to keep in good standing with the Health Department. Keeping your restaurant clean also helps you to make the right first impression on customers. A clean restaurant is also a healthy one, especially in the colder months, by helping to curb the spread of various viruses and bacteria. The last thing you want is to be the restaurant that is making customers sick.