Avoid Contaminated Ice

Lets get down to the dirty stuff in restaurants.  There’s a reason why health inspectors check for microbial contamination in your ice bin on each visit.  There are so many things that can grow do to unclean or unsafe procedures in your ice machines.  Unclean Ice Machines are a risk of bacteria, mold, and blood, which are extremely dangerous to your customers health.

12-year-old Jasmine Roberts didn’t expect her award-winning science project to go viral when she discovered that 70% of the time ice from fast food restaurants was dirtier than toilet water.  

Many restaurants don’t clean their ice machines nearly as many times as they should!

Here are a few tips to help prevent your restaurant from being another statistic: 

1. Wash hands

Washing your hands is the #1 way to reduce the spread of bacteria. Make sure your employees wash their hands before reaching in the ice machine.  Make this a routine that eventually becomes natural.

2. Use the scoop

Using a scoop prevents employees from spreading bacteria or cutting themselves on the ice.

3. Don’t return unused ice to the bin

Unfortunately this is something that happens far to often, because even once can spread bacteria.

4. Call Fugh Refrigeration to get your Ice Machine Cleaned

We have several professional technicians that can clean your ice machine(s) for your restaurant.  Give us a call at 724-481-1240 or make an appointment today!

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