5 Tips for Starting a Successful Restaurant

Restaurants have become a huge part of life in 2018.  Whether you are an everyday taste-tester of the local restaurants, or only go out to the best places once in a while, restaurants are something everyone can understand and love.  With the increasing use of restaurants, there is an increase in people following their dreams to start their OWN restaurants.

To help everyone out, here are a few tips to keep your restaurant afloat and shining above the rest:

1. Good intentions behind your start-up

If you want to make it as a restaurant owner, you have to love what you do.  When you love what you do, you are willing to make those important sacrifices like time and sleep to make your dream a reality.  You also want to make sure you have a vision of what you want your restaurant to look like/ perceived as

2. Have a solid plan

A business plan is not something you can write over night!  You want to be able to have a solid plan that charts out everything you want to accomplish and how.  This document is something you can go back to over and over again to remind you how you want things to be run.

In this plan you also want to have solid ideas on how you want to market your restaurant.  Never be afraid to look at your competitors and seek information from your target audience.  If you can get into the community and make connections, that is a great way to spread your message.  Try participating in community events, offer discounts to locals, join any business associations, and capitalize on social media.

3. Test your Menu

In order to have a good restaurant, you need to make sure you have food that people want to eat. Consider having a party and inviting friends and family over to taste-test your food.  Afterwards sit everyone down and ask them about what they liked and didn’t like, and if they have any suggestions for the future. When you ask for feedback, consider using a method that allows anonymous comments so that you get people’s honest reactions. Do your market research. Visit other restaurants to get a sense of appropriate pricing.


4. Keep marketing

You can’t depend on repeat customers, so you’ll need to keep your marketing efforts up to make sure your revenue stream doesn’t thin out. Establish a strong social media presence, try an ad in your local paper, participate in the local fair, or host a small non-profit get together at your restaurant to keep marketing your business.


5. Hire the Right Help!

Its important to make sure you hire good staff for your restaurant like waiters, dishwashers, cooks and servers, but think about all the other people you would need to call when in an emergency like technicians for your equipment.

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