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Restaurant Success Tips

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Restaurant

Restaurants have become a huge part of life in 2018.  Whether you are an everyday taste-tester of the local restaurants, or only go out to the best places once in a while, restaurants are something everyone can understand and love.  With the increasing use of restaurants, there is an increase in people following their dreams to start their OWN restaurants. To help everyone out, here are a few tips to keep your restaurant afloat and […]


How to Find the Perfect Prep Table

Purchasing a new prep table can seem overwhelming because there are so many makes, models, and sizes available.  Knowing and asking these questions can make a world of difference when choosing the right prep table for your business. Here are 4 tips to make shopping for your prep table easier: 1. What types of food will you be preparing?  Does your business primarily make pizzas or sandwiches? Does your head chef need a space of his own to […]


7 fun facts about Cappuccinos

Coffee is slowing becoming the lifeblood of the American and Cappuccinos are the perfect treat at any local restaurant or coffee shop.  Here are a few things you may not have known about the Cappuccino: November 8th is National Cappuccino Day. During World War II cappuccino machines were improved and many restaurants began serving the beverage. In Italy, cappuccino is traditionally consumed once a day with breakfast. The top layer of the foam is where you usually encounter […]