How to Find the Perfect Prep Table

Purchasing a new prep table can seem overwhelming because there are so many makes, models, and sizes available.  Knowing and asking these questions can make a world of difference when choosing the right prep table for your business.

Here are 4 tips to make shopping for your prep table easier:

1. What types of food will you be preparing? 

Does your business primarily make pizzas or sandwiches? Does your head chef need a space of his own to prep high end dishes for the dinner crowd? The type of food you serve makes a big difference on what type of prep table you require.  Considering your inventory will help you decide which table is best.

2. What type of preparations happen in your kitchen?

There are different storage configurations in different types of prep tables. Does your menu require you to store many types of raw meat or do you just need space for a few different garnishes? The size of the cutting board varies depending on the type of prep tables and the location of pans changes as well.

3. How much food passes through your kitchen every day?

How many customers does your business serve each day? Are you open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or do you only offer certain meals? Does your staff need to prep food for the dinner rush during lunch? It is important to consider how many ingredients need to be easily accessible and stored in your refrigerated prep table at any given time. You also need to think about how many employees may need to use the prep table at once. Longer prep tables are a better choice for kitchens that require multiple employees to prep  food.

4. What special features does your staff need?

Most prep tables feature removable cutting boards. There are also different types of storage options such as pull out drawers, insulated cabinets, and additional wire shelves. These are things that can be added on as additional features when you are purchasing your prep table.

At Fugh Refrigeration we offer many different types of pizza prep tables, sandwich and salad prep tables. Our prep tables come in a variety of sizes and most are easy to move to different areas of the kitchen so space doesn’t have to be an issue.  Check out our variety of new and used prep tables today!

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