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Controlling Odor in your Walk-In

Over time, you may notice your walk-in cooler or freezer has developed some odor.  Sometimes this smell is simply due to frequent use. Unfortunately, other times odor can be an indicator that there is some sort of bacteria or mold growth occurring inside of your walk-in.  Odor could also just hint at a hidden spill that has not yet been seen or cleaned up.  Overall- Odor could be the first sign of a bigger problem that […]


How to Find the Perfect Prep Table

Purchasing a new prep table can seem overwhelming because there are so many makes, models, and sizes available.  Knowing and asking these questions can make a world of difference when choosing the right prep table for your business. Here are 4 tips to make shopping for your prep table easier: 1. What types of food will you be preparing?  Does your business primarily make pizzas or sandwiches? Does your head chef need a space of his own to […]


What to do when your Air Conditioning Unit Stops Working

Have you ever come home to a hot house at the end of the day or been at home when suddenly the AC doesn’t seem to be working? If you are like most people, you might have panicked and began thinking about how much it was going to cost to fix it as you reach to call for service.  The next time your AC is not working or is not keeping your home as cool […]