What to do when your Air Conditioning Unit Stops Working

Have you ever come home to a hot house at the end of the day or been at home when suddenly the AC doesn’t seem to be working? If you are like most people, you might have panicked and began thinking about how much it was going to cost to fix it as you reach to call for service.  The next time your AC is not working or is not keeping your home as cool as it should, stop and troubleshoot it before calling for a repair. It may just be a simple fix you can do on your own. And better yet, you could save yourself the cost of an unneeded service call.

Is the Air Condenser Running?

Check to see if your AC’s air condenser is running. If it isn’t first check your thermostat. The problem could be as simple as someone accidently set the temperature too high on the thermostat. Lower the temperature several degrees and see if the AC kicks in. If it does, your problem should be solved, and you do not need to call for service.

If your thermostat is not responding, it could be possible that the batteries in it have died or it is not receiving power. Check your power source or replace batteries and see if it begins to work before calling for service.

Check your electrical circuit box to make sure the AC unit’s circuit breaker is not tripped. If it is, flip it back to the on position. Wait a couple minutes to see if your condenser comes back on or if the circuit trips back off again. If the condenser doesn’t come back on or the circuit trips again, you could have an electrical issue. Call for service to determine what repair is needed.

Does your AC Turn On and Off Repeatedly?

Does it seem like your AC is short-cycling? You could have a dirty or blocked condenser or a dirty evaporator. It could also be that you have a dirty air filter. These are issues that restrict the airflow through your air conditioning system and your unit is shutting down as a precaution. It’s easy to replace an air filter, however; if that doesn’t correct the issue, call Snyder for service.

Is the AC Not Cooling or Not Cooling Enough?

If your AC is running but blowing warm air or does not seem to be cooling your home off enough, it could be because:

  • Grass, weeds or other debris that might be blocking your condenser that needs to be cleared away.
  • Your compressor could need to be repaired or replaced.
  • The refrigerant level in your system is low because of a leak and needs to be replaced.

Replacing refrigerant or dealing with a faulty compressor is a job for a professional only. Call for service.

At FUGH Refrigeration, our customers’ comfort and safety are always our main concern. When your AC is not working, it is important to leave the tough jobs to a professional and not risk your safety.  Contact us at 724-481-1240 or online to schedule your service when your AC is not working.

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