7 Tips to Extend the Life of your Walk-In Freezer

Walk in freezers are key to restaurants all across the United States.  As owners, your goal is to keep your machines running propperly and effecinelty as long as possible.  These 7 tips are important to understanding exactly what will help maintain your commercial walk-in freezers, helping to extend its life significantly.

  1. Check often for evidence that your doors are sealing tightly.

    To test the seal of your door, simply close the door on a piece of paper and attempt to pull the paper out. If you feel resistance, your door has an excellent

  2. Clean the interior of your walk-in freezer.

    A simple solution of mild soap and warm water will be more than sufficient if done on a regular basis. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the finish over time. Some chemicals can remove oils from the galvanized steel.

  3. When not in use, ensure that the doors remain closed at all times.

    Blocking or propping the door open can cause an increase in temperature that requires your walk-in freezer to work harder. If the door is left open, you can expect to see an increase in room temperature, and eventually your evaporator coil can become covered with ice; restricting airflow.

  4. Ensure that the environment around your condensing units and coil are free of debris at all times.

  5. Check the wires on your unit periodically.

    Exposed or damaged wires can be hazardous and cause a short or surge in your unit.

  6. On a regular basis check to be sure that the lights on your unit turn off when exiting.

    Lights produce heat that can cause your unit to run more as it tries to hold its optimal temperature.

  7. Periodically cleaning the evaporator, and condenser coil will keep your freezer running efficiently.

    Just as you change the oil in your car, professional service companies can take care of this for you on a regular basis.

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