4 Ways to Stop Mold from Growing in you Walk-in Cooler

Mold can be  a huge problem for many  different industries and businesses.  If you get mold inside your walk-in refrigerators or freezers, it poses a triple threat to your business:  Mold growth can damage inventory, cause illnesses in employees or customers, and lead to health code violations.  

Here are a few precautions and preventative measures you can take to try and stop mold growth:

1. Minimize Condensation

Condensation means there is more moisture in the air, which leads to higher humidity levels. Make sure that there is no standing water in your walk-in cooler that can contribute to condensation build up.

2. Make sure your condensation coil, evaporator, and fans are working properly

The condensation coil, evaporator, and fans all help regulate air flow inside of your walk-in cooler. Proper air flow helps to dry up excess moisture that could cause mold to grow and spread.

3. Keep the doors of your Walk-in closed

Doors that are left open allow outside air to change temperature and humidity levels in your cooler.  This can allow mold spores from the outside to enter your unit and spread.

4. Clean up spills quickly and completely

Spilled foods and liquids on shelves or the floor of a walk-in cooler can grow mold and bacteria. If you take away these sources, it is harder for mold to spread and thrive. Cleaning up spills will help keep your walk-in cooler free of mold growth.

If you find that you have mold in your walk-in cooler and it is extremely difficult to get rid of it may be hiding in the nooks and crannies of your shelves and products. A complete clean out of your unit may be necessary. Some businesses may opt to have their walk-in cooler sprayed with a sanitation mist that helps prevent mold growth from developing. In most cases, regular maintenance and care of your walk-in cooler will keep your unit clean and safe for inventory storage.