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Mobile Refrigeration with Fugh Refrigeration's walk in portable cooler trailer
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Why Should I Rent a Portable Cooler Trailer?

A refrigerated trailer rental can help you in a number of ways; from keeping catered items cold to helping you make tailgating even more fun; there are several ways to use a refrigerated trailer. What is a Portable Cooler Trailer Used for? With mobile refrigeration, there are several uses across a variety of industries, including: Catering and Bakeries The last thing you want is for food or baked goods to melt or become spoiled on […]

slushy machine
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Troubleshooting Common Issues With Your Slushy Machine

Slushy machines are obviously extremely popular during the warmer months when people are looking for a way to cool off from the hot sun when air conditioning is not enough, or not an option. What better way than a sugary, frozen drink? Many businesses such as convenience stores have started offering alcoholic slushies to go, and have continued to offer them year-round due to their popularity. Issues You May Be Having With Your Slushy Machine […]