Troubleshooting Common Issues With Your Slushy Machine

Slushy machines are obviously extremely popular during the warmer months when people are looking for a way to cool off from the hot sun when air conditioning is not enough, or not an option. What better way than a sugary, frozen drink? Many businesses such as convenience stores have started offering alcoholic slushies to go, and have continued to offer them year-round due to their popularity.

Issues You May Be Having With Your Slushy Machine

If you are having issues with your slushy machine check out this article from Fugh Refrigeration on troubleshooting common issues you may be having with your slushy machine. It may be a simple issue!

First, before any maintenance is carried out on your machine, you will want to make sure that it is unplugged and any power switches are off to prevent injury.

Slushy Machine is Making Noises

If your slushy machine is making a noise, there may be no cause for concern, but then again there might. Let’s talk about some of the possibilities.

Clicking Sound

Clicking is sometimes normal, this is usually just the machine making temperature changes to keep the temperature of your freezing beverage consistent.

Squeaking Sound

The squeaking sound you are hearing could be coming from the inside of the slush tank. If the barrel and spiral are dry, the squeaking sound you are heating is likely because of this. These should always be submerged in your slushy mixture.

Grinding Sound

If your slushy machine is making a grinding sound, this could be an issue with the motor or the compressor. This will likely be replaced in order to keep your machine in good working order.

Leaking Slushy Machine

Leaky Tap

If your machine is leaking, from the tap or spigot, this could either be from a bad seal, or a bad tap. It may be time to perform a PM on your machine.

Tank Leaking
If your machine is leaking around the tank, the seal is not working.  It may be time to perform a PM on your machine

Stiff Tap

You will first want to try lubricating the tap at the base where it rotates. It may need to be turned a few times to fully work the lubricant into the area. Make sure you are using a food-safe lubricant!

Broken or Out of Place Seal

If this does not clear up your leaking slushy machine problem, you will want to remove the tap and check that the seal or O-ring is not out of place, or broken. This is usually the cause of a leaky tap.

If your seal is broken, you can order one from the company that makes your machine, or alternatively, Fugh keeps a large number of spare parts for all sorts of restaurant equipment on hand. Fugh is also experienced, as well as licensed and factory trained for all types of refrigeration equipment repair, including frozen drink machine repair.

Overflow Outlet is Leaking Clear Liquid

If the overflow outlet on your slushy machine is leaking a clear liquid, this is likely not an issue, and just condensation is being collected and disposed of.

Overflow Outlet Is Leaking Slushy Color

If your overflow outlet is leaking a liquid the same color as your slush mix, there could be some damage inside your machine. This could be anything from a seal like we saw above, or the shaft that turns the auger could be in need of replacement. You may need a professional to come help with slushy machine repair.

Slushy Machine is Freezing On The Outside

If your slushy machine is freezing on the outside, of the tank, there may not be enough water in with your slush syrup. If this is the case, you will need to turn the slushy machine off, let it defrost, and start the mixture again from scratch while consulting the manual on the proper ratio for the brand of machine you are dealing with.


Slushy Machine Isn’t Freezing

If your slushy machine is not freezing the liquid inside of it, this could be several things. It might not even need to be repaired. Your slushy machine should have your frozen beverage ready in as little as 30 minutes depending on the machine, but a good average time for how long your slushy machine should take to freeze your beverage holds at about an hour.

Incorrect Syrup Ratio

You may have an incorrect ratio of water and syrup. Consult the owner’s manual to see what your slush machine brand recommends.

Airflow Blockage

If you are confident that your slushy mixture is on the mark, you could have an airflow blockage. This could simply be attributed to not having enough space around your machine or there could be dust built up around your slushy machine’s condenser.

Your condenser should be cleaned regularly so your machine performs as desired, and you should have about 8 inches of breathing room around your slushy machine.

Outside Temperature Is Too High

If your slushy machine is indoors, and you have it close to your heat duct, it could be that your condenser cannot work hard enough to regulate the temperature of your slushy mix.

Slushy Machine is Overheating

If your slushy machine is overheating this is likely a cause of airflow, and your machine is probably not freezing the slushy mixture either. As we mentioned above, check the condenser for dust, and ensure the amount of space around your machine is about 8 inches.

Need Your Slushy Machine Repaired?

If you have tried some of the things above to fix your slushy machine, and it has not fixed your issue, give Fugh Refrigeration a call, or send us a message on our website! We stock the Bunn Ultra PM Kits and can get your machine back up and running quickly!  We are experts at slushy machine repair, as well as other types of beverage dispenser repair.

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