Turbo Air TGF-49FB 2 Glass Door Freezer Merchandiser


Brand New Compressor installed!   Tested by our technicians and works great!

Approximately 54-3/8″ Wide x 29-3/4″ Deep x 78-1/4″ Tall
115/208-230 Volt – 12.7 Amp
NEMA L14-20 Plug on it, you may need an electrician to match your existing outlet/wiring.
Large long dent on the right side, see pictures
Several paint scratches and smaller dents – All purely cosmetic

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From the manufacturer:

Digital temperature control system
Provides precise and constant temperature. This level of precision allows food products to remain fresh over an extended period of time.
High-tech monitor
The unit will beep if the door has been opened for more than 30 seconds. The monitor digitally displays the present temperature and current status of the freezer. You can easily change the temperature by adjusting the thermostat.
LED lighting interior display system
Brighter and longer lasting LED lights provide attractive, enhanced illumination compared to fluorescents. It saves energy by  producing less heat, while maximizing the visibility in the display area.
LED advertising panel
LED lighting offers 10 times longer lasting life than fluorescents and conserves energy as well.
Self-cleaning condenser system
The accumulation of dust in the condenser causes the failure or breakdown of freezers. Especially for freezers, they run normally until they reach a certain level of accumulation. At some point, when they are over the limit, their performance drops quickly resulting in damage to, or disposal of the stored products in freezers. The self-cleaning condenser system keeps the condenser clean and prevents system failure by automatically brushing daily.
Efficient refrigeration system
Turbo Air’s freezers are designed with oversized and balanced (CFC Free R-404A) refrigeration systems. These include efficient evaporators and condensers for faster freezing and greater efficiency.
Triple pane heated glass doors
Equipped with unique triple-pane heated glass doors which enhance energy efficiency by preventing heat transfers and minimizing condensation. Lightweight door construction reduces door maintenance, bushing wear, and facilitates smooth door opening.
Automatic evaporator fan motor delays
When the door is opened the evaporator fan will stop, preventing the circulation of hot and moist air from escaping into the  refrigerator. This increases energy efficiency and lengthens the life of the compressor.
Adjustable, heavy duty, PE (polyethylene) coated wire shelves
High-density polyurethane insulation
The entire cabinet structure is foamed-in-place using high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation.
Ergonomically designed doors
Customers’ fatigue fades away with easy grip handles and doors that open effortlessly. These features along with self-closing doors make this the ultimate choice in customer convenience.