Traulsen TBC5-ZKR12 Blast Chiller – Undercounter – Self-contained


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From the manufacturer:

• High Performance Refrigeration System
• Easy to Use Touch Screen Control with Automatic or Manual Operation
• Adjustable Product Target Temps (40 to -5 degrees F) or Cycle Times
• Four Chill Settings: Blast Chill, Speed, Energy Saving & Delicate
• On-Board Cycle Data Printer
• Three (3) Removable Food Probes
• USB Port, 90-Day Cycle Data Memory
• Stainless Steel Exterior & Interior
• Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Work Top
• Long Life EZ Clean Door Gaskets
The easy to use touch screen control is water resistant and protected from damage by a heavy gauge stainless steel bezel. Using the three probes provided, it monitors cycle progress and records all HACCP required data. This information can then be printed at the end of the cycle using the on-board printer and/ or retrieved later from memory, where it is stored for 90-days.
Chill cycles can be started in one of two ways using either the AUTO (touch-free) or MANUAL(fully adjustable) operating mode. In AUTO mode, placing any probe in 90°F or above product will initiate a chill cycle using the default parameters(standard blast chill with a target temperature of 37°F) in approximately 30-seconds. In MANUAL mode, the operator can adjust all the cycle parameters to suit their needs. Upon pressing START the chill cycle will commence using these inputs. Failure to complete cycle programming in MANUAL mode will result in the chill cycle starting automatically in 5-minutes after the last button push (provided at least one probe had been placed in product 90°F or above).
Product and/or usernames can be manually input at the beginning or end of the chill cycle if desired. Customized chill cycle parameters (i.e. chill recipes) can loaded and stored in advance, by name.
Once a chill cycle is started, it will continue without interruption until either the target temperature (using probes) or time (without using probes) is met.  When using the default target temperature of 37°F, rapidly circulating air will cyclebetween10-14°For as low as -25°F when the target temperature is set at -5°.
Upon cycle completion, the blast chiller will notify the operator with an audible alarm, and automatically revert to maintenance mode, holding the product at the target temperature until removed.