Walk-in Freezers – A Fugh Facts

Walk-in freezers are large, enclosed spaces that are insulated to keep foods frozen. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of your business. Whether you currently own a walk-in freezer, or you are looking to buy one for your business, we’ve put together some walk-in freezer facts you should know.

#1 – Walk-in Freezers Rely on the Condensing Unit to Operate

The condensing unit contains the coil, the compressor, and the fan motor, working as the central element of the freezer. Typically the condensing unit is located on top of the freezer or next to it. Be sure to have this part cleaned and regularly serviced to ensure it is functioning properly.

#2 – Walk-in Freezers Work by Extracting Heat

While some may think freezers work by pumping cold air in, refrigeration devices actually work when the evaporator fan assembly circulates the air and removes the heat with the help of the condensing unit, which, as mentioned above, is the core element to refrigeration devices, to circulate warm air out of the freezer space.

#3 – Walk-Freezers Require Cleaning Once a Month

To help you maintain sanitary conditions in your facility, you should clean the surfaces within your freezer once a month using a mild detergent. This monthly cleaning also helps prevent the build of fungus and bacteria that can be harmful to your supplies and your customers.

#4 – Walk-in Freezer Ice Build-up Means There is too Much Warm Air

If you’ve noticed too much ice buildup in your freezer, you may think it is too cold. Ice buildup, however, is caused by too much warm air entering your freezer space. This issue is not always due to the temperature being too low, but it could be caused by leaving the door open for too long or by an issue with the condenser, so be sure to check for these issues before turning down your freezer temperature.

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