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How to Remember to Change your Air Filter

A critical part of your HVAC system that many people just don’t think about is changing your air filter. This is relatively easy thing to do, but only if you remember it on a regular basis.  Here are a few things to keep in mind about air filtration: The Importance of Air Filtration A clean, regularly changed filter offers a wide range of benefits, including: Allergy Relief – Filters eliminate dust mites, dead skin, mold spores, pollen, […]


What to do when your Air Conditioning Unit Stops Working

Have you ever come home to a hot house at the end of the day or been at home when suddenly the AC doesn’t seem to be working? If you are like most people, you might have panicked and began thinking about how much it was going to cost to fix it as you reach to call for service.  The next time your AC is not working or is not keeping your home as cool […]

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3 Reasons to Update your Home’s Heating & Cooling

Replacing such a reliable appliance as your HVAC unit may not be at the top of the mind for most- until it’s too late.  Upgrading your unit can offer advantages for both comfort and your wallet. Quiet & Comfortable Climate Control Modern air conditioning and heating systems typically include better noise and vibration absorbers designed to quiet the system. This can reduce the noise your system makes as it works. Newer systems have been designed […]