Star CRT14EM Combination Radiant / Contact Toaster


Manufacturer Description:

  • Combination toaster – 13″ contact toaster on top and 14″ radiant toaster on bottom
  • High limit switch prevents the toaster from overheating and protects critical electrical components

Contact Toaster Features:

  • High speed contact toasting provides perfectly caramelized bun surfaces
  • Heavy duty non-marking wire mesh conveyor belt or silicone belt offers long life and no maintenance
  • Ultra-efficient aluminum toasting surface for quick heat up and even temperature distribution across full width of conveyor belt
  • Adjustable opening between belt and toasting surface for perfect toasting of any thickness bun
  • Programmable supplemental heaters for warming the crown and heel side of the bun
  • Deep toasting return to support toasting of products up to 7″ long
  • Fully programmable electronic control provides separate platen surface temperature settings, supplemental heater settings and belt speed
  • Toasts bread products in seconds
  • Extended conveyor belt with sloped platen for easy loading

Radiant Toaster Features:

  • Metal infrared heaters provide long life and intense heat for faster toasting
  • Fully electronic control provides separate settings for top heat, bottom heat and conveyor speed
  • Closed loop speed sensor for precise conveyor speed control
  • Product entry opening 1-3/4″ high to accept a variety of products
  • Removable crumb trays below each conveyor belt and removable stainless steel toast slide for easy clean up

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Right side controls control the bottom, radiant conveyor and has 6 separate speed presets