Star 50SCBDE Grill-Max Pro 50 Hot Dog Roller Grill with Sneeze Guard & Bun Warmer


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Heating elements are mounted in a fixed and floating system allowing for lateral expansion to minimize warping. 
The heavy-duty motor provides 360° rotation of rollers. 
The units will incorporate Seal-Max, Star’s exclusive seal and bearing combination. 

These units have an eight [8] foot (2.44 m) cord and come with an appropriate NEMA plug to match their power usage and certification standards.

Exclusive heavy-duty roller bearing design for longer life, smoother operation, and minimal grease-free maintenance 
• Non-stick coatings offer increased durability 
• Sectional heat control for mixed product flexibility 
• Slim design offers maximum grill space with a minimum footprint 
• Angled configuration for best presentation

Due to size and weight this will be shipped on a pallet