Scotsman HID525A-1A Ice Machine and Water Dispenser – Touch Free Dispensing


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From the manufacturer:


  • Touch-free, infrared dispensing of ice and water eliminates the need to physically touch the dispenser for more sanitary operation
  • AgION and other antimicrobial compounds are molded into key components to help inhibit the growth of microbes, bacteria, mold and algae
  • Fully removable bin, spouts, air filter, sink, and grill allow for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Sealed refrigeration system minimizes outside airborne contamination
  • Front accessible, removable air filter makes cleaning more convenient

Reliability & Ease of Use:

  • Sealed, maintenance-free bearings reduce preventative maintenance and ensure maximum reliability
  • Produces Scotsman’s chewable H² Nugget Ice which is slow-melting and designed for reliable dispensing
  • Space-maximizing design – the industry’s smallest operational footprint relative to capacity, featuring specially designed contoured sides for  enhanced breathability
  • SmoothStream™ water dispensing technology reduces splashing to keep the machine and surrounding areas clean
  • Unit-specific QR code for quick access to service manuals and warranty history
  • Durable stainless-steel evaporator and exterior panels, plus larger sink opening and dispensing area
  • Enhanced service features – Intuitive LED diagnostic lights reduce service time and convenient USB drive allows for fast software updates
  • Industry-leading energy and water efficiency along with quieter operation

Minimum        Maximum

Air Temperatures                        50°F                 100°F
Water Temperatures                 40°F                 100°F
Potable Water Pressure          20 PSIG           80 PSIG
Electrical Voltage                        -5%                    +10%