Nemco 6900-208-C1 PaniniPro High Speed Sandwich Press


Tested by our technicians and works great!
See a video of it toasting a bread with cheese here!

208 Volt – 1 Phase – 30 Amp
Has electrical plug shown in last picture but may need changed or hardwired depending on your needs

Manufactured 12/2018

Current programming is unknown and 2 buttons are not programmed.  It is recommended that you contact the manufacturer to program it to your own needs.

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From the manufacturer:

  • Integrated conduction and microwave technology heat the protein and toast the bread at the same time.
  • Electronic push-button controls—programmed to your sandwich heating specs—take all the guesswork out.
  • Compact, narrow design fits virtually any counter space, enabling even the smallest kitchen to expand into the big business of specialty hot sandwiches.   
  • Microwave heating from the sides and aluminum upper and lower heater plates provide exceptional durability and menu flexibility.
  • All food contact surfaces feature a tough non-stick coating.
  • Stand-by mode saves energy when not in use.
  • Stainless steel outer construction is wipe-down easy to clean.
  • Height is 28 1/2″ when open and 23 1/2″ when closed.

One-Step Heating. One Small Footprint.

Conventional panini presses involve a two-stage, protein-preheat process that requires an investment in two devices and leaves your customers waiting. Nemco’s PaniniPro cuts out the preheat middle man—saving time, space and money. While the performance impresses your customers, the reliability means you’ll never have to say, “Sorry, no paninis today.”

‘Programmed’ to Build Your Brand

Dual heating for speed is only the half of it. Pre-programmed menus make it easy to deliver sandwich consistency, no matter how experienced the operator.

  • Automated features simplify operation:
    • To promote safety, the cover must come down for the microwave heating to start.
    • To prevent overheating, the cover automatically pops up and sounds a beeper at the end of the heating cycle.
  • Every PaniniPro high-speed sandwich press features a built-in USB port (located under the unit) and a separate flash drive. Together, they present a user-friendly programming capability that makes it remarkably easy to experiment with and change your sandwich menu, whenever you want.

Important Operating Information:
The PaniniPro uses a combination of microwaves and hot plates to achieve fast cook times.  Microwaves cause water molecules in food to vibrate, producing heat that cooks the food. If the food placed in the microwave device doesn’t have enough moisture, the microwaves will not be absorbed by the water and the excess microwaves will damage the device. Microwaves and heat plates will also reduce the percent moisture content in the food the longer the microwaves and heat plates are on.
To prevent damage to the PaniniPro when running a menu with microwaves provide, at a minimum, one fresh piece of white bread in the cooking cavity for no longer than a 30 second period. Longer cooking times require larger amounts of moisture or there will be damage to the PaniniPro.
If the user is interested in warming or browning a dry food product on the PaniniPro, be use to choose/program a cooking menu that does NOT turn on the microwaves.