Nemco 55200AN Easy Slicer Vegetable Slicer – Adjustable Cut


All spin freely and are working

No base to attach it – see pictures

12″ wide x 11″ deep x 16″ tall

Blade plate diameter – 9-1/4″

Weighs 8.5 lbs

8 available – all nearly identical except 1 does not say Nemco on the guard, but has Nemco everywhere else

8 in stock

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From the manufacturer:
Name your vegetable or fruit and put anyone, even your most inexperienced kitchen personnel, on the job, and you’ll get slicing perfection. Nemco makes it easy—fast, precise and consistent, every time.
Fast as Lightning, Without the Electricity
How many seasoned pros do you have in your kitchen who are sharp with a knife? With Nemco, it doesn’t matter, because the Easy Slicer makes it possible for anyone to perfectly slice a vegetable in seconds—or a 10-lb. bag of potatoes in just minutes.
The best part is, with no electric power needed, the Easy Slicer’s simple engineering and manual operation deliver reliable  performance virtually anywhere in the kitchen.
Incredibly Versatile
The Easy Slicer features an exclusive visual thickness gauge, calibrated in 1⁄16″ increments up to 1⁄2″, allowing the operator to preset the desired thickness with a simple thumb-screw control. (Also available in fixed-slice thickness models.)
Every slice in the rapid-fire cutting action that ensues is the perfect thickness, consistently all the way through the food item, for exceptional portion control and presentation, with virtually no waste.
Easy to Use, Easy to Clean
Just place your produce in the trough behind the blade and start turning the easy-action handle. It’s nearly effortless. Plus,  disassembly is easy for cleaning, while the cast aluminum components wash up in a snap and last for years.