Logic Vinkyl LWC28B1T16E Wine Cooler – 220/240 Volt


  • This is from overseas and is 220-240 Volt.
  • It is thermoelectric and does not have a compressor, it barely makes any sound.
  • Adjustable thermostat and it goes down to approximately 52°F
  • Has a 6-15P plug
  • Capacity 28 bottles
  • Led light
  • No vibration
  • Brand New – has a small dent in the back

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Logic Vinkyl LWC28B1T16E has a generous surface and is perfect for storing bottles.

Logic has a simple black design with sleek wooden shelves, double glazed doors and fits in all modern décor.

This wine bowl has a generous capacity, and holds 28 wine bottles.

Powerful LED light that illuminates interior with a clear even light for full overview. LED lights are energy efficient and economical.

Your bottles are completely quiet and the sediment does not move.

LCD display
LCD display with “touch buttons” on the door shows and regulates the temperature.

Energy Class
This wine cell has energy class B which means it is energy efficient.