Lincoln Impinger 1116 Double Stacked Conveyor Natural Gas Oven w/ Stand!


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Manufacturer Specifications:

Stainless Steel Top, Front and Sides
28” (711mm) Long Baking Chamber
Front Removable Fingers
Stackable Up To Three High

18” (457mm) Wide
Front Removable
Product Stop
One to Thirty Minute Cook Time

Customer Specific Finger Setup
Temperature Range 250°F to 575°F (121°C to 302°C)
Front Loading Glass Access Door with Cool to the Touch Handle
Digital Controls

Ventilation Requirements:

  1. Double Stack: Range of 800-1200 cfm for double gas 1100 series oven.
    2. The capture velocity across the apron of canopy is to be 50-75 FPM at sides and front.
    3. Double Stack: Width should be 72” (1828 mm) – inside dimensions. Depth should be 50” (1270 mm) – inside front to filters
    4. The ovens are to be centered in the canopy space left-to-right and front-to-back if possible.
    5. Room air diffusers must not be directed onto the oven and should be positioned a minimum of 3 feet from the perimeter of the hood to keep them from affecting the oven.
    6. Bottom of canopy should be 78” (1981 mm) above finished floor (AFF).
    7. Recommend 70% make-up air provided outside of the canopy through perf metal diffusers directed straight down… not at the oven; located at front, sides or both.
    8. Use of a Type I or Type II application and overall final installation is determined per local codes.