Innowave 16-MAXH1 – Water Cooler / Dispenser – Reverse Osmosis System


  • Electronic Control System
    A smart electronic control system constantly monitors the functions of the Max including temperatures, water level, and checks for component faults.
  • Convenient Display
    The display on the front of the machine provides important information including, water level, temperature, and UV cycle operation.
  • Extension of Cold Water
    With the “COLD II” function activated, water from the cold tank is periodically pumped up to a secondary insulated cold reservoir, increasing the amount of cold water available.
  • UV Recirculation System
    For one hour every three hours, a pump inside the machine sends water through a UV module exposing the water to a UV light which inactivates bacteria. This feature will keep the treated water in the storage tank fresh and prevent bacteria growth from getting out of control.
  • Booster Pump
    The booster pump will automatically increase the feedwater pressure to the reverse-osmosis membrane. This is very important if the feedwater pressure is very low since the reverse-osmosis system requires adequate pressure for optimal water production capacity.
  • Hot Water Safety Device
    The hot water faucet has a child safety device integrated into it. To dispense hot water, the red hot water button on the front of the faucet must be pressed in while pushing the cup-touch  lever.
  • Water Supply Sensor
    The system can automatically sense if it has an adequate water supply to operate correctly.
  • Overfill Sensor
    The storage tank is protected by an overfill sensor that will stop the reverse-osmosis system from overfilling the storage tank.

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Point-of-use water treatment system

Tested by our technicians and works great!
Will need hooked up to water lines

Has all reverse osmosis filters, unknown how long they’ve been used

Approximately 17″ Wide x 19″ Deep x 57-1/2″ Tall

1/4″ Tubing Water Connection
Cold Water Temperature – 40°F
Hot Water Temperature – 185°F
Recommended Service Pressure – 40-60PSI
Rated Service Flow – 0.5 gpm
120 Volt

1.3 gallon cold water tank
4 gallon extended cold water tank (Cold II function on)
1.5 gallon hot water tank
6.25 gallon ambient water tank

The innowave Max™ is designed to exceed the highest demands for cold and hot water in high traffic areas. It provides over 13 gallons of drinking water storage and it automatically refills for a
continuous supply. The system boasts over five gallons of cold water storage!

The innowave Max uses a four-stage reverse osmosis process to treat your drinking water. First, a Sediment Filter collects sediment and solid particle matter. Then, a Carbon Filter reduces chlorine to protect the Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Next, the Reverse Osmosis Membrane rejects contaminants. Last, a Carbon Filter assures great-tasting, quality water. The result is greatly enhanced drinking water with reduced impurities and improved taste.