Imbera VRD43 Double Glass Door Merchandiser Cooler


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From the manufacturer:

• BMAD Refrigeration System
Ensures rapid and effective cabinet cool down with minimum energy consumption.
• Low Maintenance Condenser
Designed to reduce dust & debris accumulation, which significantly reduces service frequency and run time. Delivers lowest ongoing energy consumption and guarantees refrigeration system longevity.
• Electronic Temperature Controller
Patented CIF electronic controller assures optimal refrigeration performance through precision temperature control, and intelligent control for defrost cycle, compressor & other component functions.
• Electronic Fan Motors
Enhances performance and efficiency. Uses only a fraction of the energy and offers longer life expectancy than industry standard shaded-pole motors.
• High Efficiency Glass Door
Equipped with double/triple panel glass and low e-film to reduce condensation. Safety glass external door pane. Lightweight Plastic doorframe design.  Self-closing door hinge. Zero profile pocket handle.
• CFC and HFC Free Cyclopentane Foam
Eco-friendly, recyclable and high efficiency cabinet insulation.
• LED Lighting System
LED uses a fraction of the energy of regular florescent lights and requires no replacement for up to seven years. Imbera standard modular standard design, with multiple 1′ LED modules, allows for efficient replacement or upgrade to new bright LED options and are backward compatible to 2008.