Hobart Pelican Head #12 Vegetable Slicer, Meat Chopper w/ Adjustable Slice Plate


Adjustable Slice Plate – 5/8″ to very thin
One of the most useful Hobart Attachments is the VS9 Vegetable Slicer.
It will more than double the utility of a Hobart Mixer or Food Cutter. Its uses are many and varied: cutting cabbage for salads and cole slaw, slicing potatoes ranging in thickness from that of a potato chip to 5 ⁄8″. Slicing nuts, bananas, cucumbers, celery and other vegetables and fruits, shredding or grating cheese, raw carrots, beets, etc.
The food is sliced by stainless steel scimitar knives for fast clean, uniform cutting. The front of the Vegetable Slicer is hinged at one side, and can be swung aside or removed, permitting quick and easy changing of plates and cleaning.

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