Hobart HLX HLXWM Deli, Produce, Food Scale System with Label Printer


Operator Mode
  • Large color touch screen display (10.4″)
  • Search database by description or PLU number
  • Flashkeys can be laid out by categories or classes
  • Go-to-keys allows user to jump immediately to a location instead of going through a menu tree
  • Product and shelf life by day and/or hour
  • Programmable display of operator viewable fields
  • Operator notes and product notes
  • Onscreen help questions and answers
  • Pop-up alphanumeric keyboard/numeric keypad

Supervisor Mode

  • Onscreen help questions and answers
  • USB ports can support external keyboard and/or mouse
  • Graphics use a name instead of a number
  • Visual display of database records
  • System can estimate the number of additional records that may be added to the scale
  • COOL records can be created on the scale
  • User definable default values for item records
  • Ability to renumber PLU records
  • Database can be backed up to USB drive
  • Database can be named to store more than one database to USB drive

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Tested and works great!
New software installed and tested, ready to have your items put into the system and be used
Sample item was created to verify functionality, then removed
Label printer works (see pictures) – labels are NOT included
Currently has no password setup for supervisor mode, once operator’s are setup it should gave that option
Will need a new inspection and certification (if applicable in your area)