Hobart 84186 Buffalo Bowl Chopper / Food Processor – 230 Volt


Tested by our technicians and works great!
  • 1 H.P. Motor
  • 15 Pound Capacity
  • 18″ Stainless Steel Bowl
  • One-piece Burnished Aluminum Housing
  • 1725 RPM Knife Rotation
  • Bowl Cover Safety Interlock
  • 20 RPM Bowl Rotation
  • Double Cutlery Grade Stainless Steel Knives
  • Pull/Push On/Off Switch
  • 3″ Legs With Rubber Feet
  • 230 Volt – 1 Phase – 6.5 Amp

Pelican head can be purchased for an additional $300! Comes with 2 different blades. Video shows pelican head, but it’s only included as an add-on.

Last 3 pictures show the pelican head and 2 blades.

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From the manufacturer:

1 H.P. Motor
Durability, Reliability
■ Heavy-duty to meet the most demanding operations
Bowl Cover Safety Interlock
■ Machine cannot be turned on until the bowl cover is locked down into position
■ Bowl cover cannot be raised with the switch in the “ON” position
One-piece Burnished Aluminum Housing
Durability, Sanitation
■ One-piece base has no cracks or crevices to allow food product to hide
Removable Bowl Cover, Knives and Bowl Without the Use of Tools
Ease of Cleaning, Ease of Use
■ Easily removed to be taken to three compartment sink for thorough cleaning
■ No tools needed to remove means less time and labor involved
Double Cutlery Grade Stainless Steel Knives
Durability, Performance
■ Reduces food products to a uniformly small particle size for salads, spreads, bread crumbs and other imaginative recipes
■ Holds an edge longer resulting in fewer sharpenings

Motor: 1 H.P., with permanently lubricated ball bearings and totally enclosed within the machine. Single-phase is capacitor start, induction-run type. Three-phase is polyphase squirrel-cage, induction-run type.
Switch: On/off switch is mechanically interlocked with bowl cover so that the switch cannot be operated unless bowl cover is locked down in position. On/off switch actuates a magnetic contactor.
Cord and plug: 6 foot flexible cord with plug per NEMA configuration.
Bowl: 18″ inside diameter. Made of single piece of stainless steel, is easily removed for cleaning. Rotates at 20 RPM.
Bowl Cover: One-piece burnished aluminum casting, carefully fitted to the top of the bowl. It can be lifted to remove material from the bowl and can be removed for easy cleaning.
Knives: Rotate at 1725 RPM. The blades (made of special cutlery grade stainless steel) are secured to a hub as a unit, which may be removed from the knife shaft without change of knife clearance adjustment. Stainless steel knife comb included.
BASE: One-piece burnished aluminum casting with plated steel bottom cover (total enclosure).
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Consists of Food Cutter with 18″ stainless steel bowl, cutlery grade stainless steel knives with stainless steel knife comb and 3″ stainless steel legs with rubber feet.
Attachment Hub: Speed – 256 RPM. Accommodates all Hobart No. 12 attachments.
WEIGHTS: Net – 140 lbs.; Shipping – 185 lbs.