Cuno 3M SGLP2 Dual Filter Kit – McDonald’s ScaleGard Reverse Osmosis System Filter Kit


  • Twin high production reverse osmosis membrane cartridges efficiently reduce dissolved mineral salts and contaminants that can cause corrosion and scale build-up.
  • Blending Valve supplies Recipe Quality Water for coffee and espresso applications. Steamer is supplied with non-adjusted reverse osmosis water
  • Cyst rated post filter cartridge provides great tasting water
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridge designs are simple to maintain and reduce the possibility of contamination during change-outs. No spills, no mess.
  • Compact rugged powder coated steel bracket design allows for installation in tight areas and is rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Non-electric design reduces installation costs.
  • Auto-bypass valve ensures water availability at peak operating times.
  • FDA CFR-21 and/or NSF compliant materials are suitable for potable water applications.

5631307 “T” Filter
5615101 HF20 Cyst Post Filter
5622102 HF37 Carbon Pre-Filter

For McDonald’s ONLY

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Mfg# 5613608

Meets McDonald’s specifications for flash steamers, coffee brewers and espresso machines.

Lead time applies as they will be ordered directly from the factory.