Crathco CS-4E-16 Simplicity Bubbler Mini-Quad Drink Chiller


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From the manufacturer:

• Pre-mix dispenser with stainless steel base and clear plastic bowls.
• Agitation model.
• Agitation function for fresh juices, coffees, or teas with minimal foaming system.
• New easy-off bowl release system for faster and easier assembly and disassembly.
• Compact size of 20.4″ (52 cm) wide saves valuable counter space.
• Can be placed side by side, due to air intake from bottom and exhaust to back.
• Dispense 4 flavors in 2.4 gallon (9 L) easy-clean bowls with 9″ (23 cm) cup clearance.
• User friendly design enables machine to dispense product till the very last drop.
• Less wear, providing longer lifetime of parts.
• Fewer removable parts to simplify cleaning and reduce maintenance.
• Temperature range from 35 – 41° F (1.7 – 5° C).