Cecilware GB3-LD 3 Flavor Cappuccino Machine – Powdered Specialty Beverage Dispenser


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From the manufacturer:

• Dispenses Cappuccino 30% faster, reducing Cappuccino lines and wear and tear on major dispenser components.
• Vacuum Steam Removal System (VSRS) – Insures that the powdered mix will remain dry to eliminate clogging, caking and bridging.
• Removable Moisture & Powder Collection Tray – Catches excess cappuccino powder before it reaches the vacuum motor keeping the dispenser in top working condition.
• Direct Drive Auger System – Insures perfect hopper alignment and “silent running.”
• “Power Whip” – Carefully whips the Cappuccino into a delicious, creamy drink.
• Uniquely Designed Water Tank – Maintains perfect brew temperature readiness at all times.
• Flexible Dispensing – Capable of handling 8½” cups.
• Attractive Color Graphics – Draws customers attention.
• Self Cleaning Feature – Rinse system is touch button easy and rinses the entire whipper chamber with hot water at the end of each cycle.