Bizerba SE 12 US Manual Slicer


Tested by certified technicians – and working great! Any cosmetic blemishes from regular use do not hinder functionality.

Heavy, bulky products — sliced with ease
The precision deli slicer BIZERBA SE12 makes slicing a breeze. Its unique low-profile carriage allows even operators of smaller stature to place heavy products such as fresh meat, whole cooked hams, bacon and many others on the carriage safely and without strain.

The SE12 is above all used in supermarket deli departments and high-street butchers as well as in the catering industry, bakeries and restaurants.

First-rate technology
The machine’s components such as housing, stop plate and blade guard are all manufactured of an aluminium alloy particularly suited for the food industry. The highly durable anodized finish which maintains its matte silver gloss for years to come makes Bizerba machines a sound long-term investment. The carriage’s excellent gliding effect is facilitated by the slip grooves recessed in the unit’s housing. The guard plate with incorporated detachable remnant holder is made of unbreakable transparent plastic.

Like all other BIZERBA machines, the SE 12 has been designed with operator safety first and foremost in mind. Comprehensive allround protection is provided by a carriage handle and handguard mounted to the carriage rear panel and large a colour coded ON/OFF button as well as a practical remnant holder with fine plastic spikes, which all guarantee safe and efficient slicing. The infinitely variable slice thickness dial additionally benefits from precision slice control in the 0 — 3 mm range for wafer-thin slicing.

  • A powerful blade drive featuring an internal cooling system, quiet and maintenance free
  • Fast, optimal blade speed (266 r.p.m.)
  • An adjustable product support mounted directly at the cut-off position when operating with a carriage inclination of 0°. With this feature the products is held firmly in place and prevented from tilting downwards.

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